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The Pumphouse Archive

Metadata Schema for The Pumphouse Archive Digital Collection In the Summer of 2016, I began the process of establishing an archive out of artifacts local musicians and friends at The Pumphouse had collected over the past ten years of touring and playing music in the Midwest. Their collection includes fliers and posters, stickers, buttons, set … Continue reading The Pumphouse Archive

John Boll Papers at UW-Madison SLIS

John Boll Papers Inventory and Appraisal Documents In Fall 2015, four fellow Introduction to Archives students and myself had the opportunity to practice our archival appraisal, arrangement and description skills while processing the John Boll Papers held by UW-Madison’s School of Library and Information Studies. Boll was a professor at SLIS from 1956 to 1992. … Continue reading John Boll Papers at UW-Madison SLIS

Wisconsin Historical Museum Exhibit

Native American Women in the Great Lakes Fur Trade Exhibit Outline and Script Exhibit Photos Virtual Poster and Commentary: Challenges, Development and Analysis In the Summer of 2016, I was one of three exhibit development interns at the Wisconsin Historical Museum (WHM) in Madison, Wisconsin. The WHM is one of the eleven historical sites and … Continue reading Wisconsin Historical Museum Exhibit

Instructional Guides & Workshop Series

In the Fall of 2016 Pedagogy class, we created two different tutorials on topics of our choice, one as a video, using Adobe Captivate, and one as a PDF instructional guide.  I chose to demonstrate, through a video posted to YouTube, how to use Google Maps to plan a bus route in Madison, Wisconsin and … Continue reading Instructional Guides & Workshop Series

UW Digital Collections Work

Sample of collections worked on at UWDCC: Aug 2015 to Aug 2016 UWDCC Practices, Procedures and Workflow Department of Natural Resources Collection Mills Music Library Tams-Witmark Collection (Carmen) The Continental Times, not live on the UWDCC site yet. See the the National Archives record for their collection of this periodical. University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger Yearbooks … Continue reading UW Digital Collections Work

WHS Sound Archive Work

As the Audio Lab Technician at the Wisconsin Historical Society I work with recorded sound materials in a variety of formats, but primarily: Multiple groove phonograph records and vinyl long-play records Compact cassettes Open reel magnetic tape The WHS houses tens of thousands of recorded sound items and they’re process of providing online access to … Continue reading WHS Sound Archive Work

Society of American Archivists-Student Chapter

List of responsibilities and projects as President of SAA-SC, 2016-2017 Creation of SAA-SC’s website, along with Webmaster Amanda Larson New branding designs (t-shirt and logo) Managed and updated of SAA-SC website Rewrote Mission Statement Managed Social Media Accounts (FB and Twitter) Created Social Media Strategy Created SAA-SC’s Code of Conduct & Social Media Policy Led … Continue reading Society of American Archivists-Student Chapter

LibGuide: Online Harassment

Online Harassment of Women LibGuide This LibGuide was created in LIS 451, Online Searching for the Information Professional, in the Spring of 2016. Four fellow classmates and myself compiled this list of resources for those researching the harassment of women online.

Midwest Archives Conference Poster 2016

My poster for MAC 2016 is a visual representation of a paper examining ways in which communities of color are impacted by abuse of power by the record creator in official records collected by archival institutions. I propose that archivists must more closely examine not only the content of the records in their control, but … Continue reading Midwest Archives Conference Poster 2016

Archives Month Blog Posts

Every October, in honor of American Archives Month, the Society of American Archivists-Student Chapter at UW-Madison SLIS  posts to their Archives Month Blog. Every day new content from one of our members is posted.

Midwest Archives Conference Poster 2017

This poster discusses our experience establishing a community archive called The Pumphouse Archive: a collection of artifacts, posters, fliers, and tour ephemera from the Midwestern DIY (do-it-yourself) music and art scene. The Pumphouse is the Lawrence, Kansas home and “band house” of Sam and Will Gunnerson: brothers, musicians, and active members of the Midwestern DIY … Continue reading Midwest Archives Conference Poster 2017